About San Yama Bushi Ryu

Shinan Negron
Shinan Hector Negron

The San Yama Bushi Ryu and San Yama Bushi School of Judo and Ju-Jutsu was formally introduced in 1985 by Shihan Hector Negron. Shihan Negron began his martial arts training in Puerto Rico at the age of 12, studying Kempo Karate. In 1971, at the age of 19, he moved from Puerto Rico to the Bronx, New York. 

After visiting a number of schools, he encountered Shinan Antonio Pereira and the Tremont School of Judo and Ju-Jutsu. There he began studying Judo and Ju-Jutsu under the tutelage of Shinan Pereira, while also continuing to train in Karate. After diligent and dedicated study, he obtained his black belt in Ju-Jutsu and began teaching at the school, soon after becoming head Ju-Jutsu instructor. Soon after, he earned his black belt in Judo and became an active judo competitor. In 1981 he obtained the rank of Kaiden, and became Head Instructor of the Ryu (equivalent to 9th/10th Dan) in Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu. 

In 1986, Shihan Negron parted from the hombu dojo in the Bronx and founded his own dojo in Mt. Vernon, New York where he began teaching a more expansive version of the combat Ju-Jutsu he learned and taught in the Bronx. He named this new Ryu, San Yama Bushi, meaning “Three Mountain Warrior.” As founder of this new Ryu, the Board of Directors unanimously bestowed upon Shihan Negron the title of Shinan, meaning “Founder.” 

By 1999, Shinan Negron’s following became such that the need for a new dojo was clearly at hand. Shinan Negron moved his dojo to New Rochelle, New York where members of the Ryu now train in a 6,000 square foot dojo. Today, Shinan Negron continues to train individuals from every walk of life, from active police officers whose duties place them in peril, to college students looking to maintain physical and mental edge over those they may encounter in hostile situations.