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About the Training at Boca Ju Jutsu

Training at Boca Ju Jutsu… We offer a variety of training methods. Scenario (mock or walk through training), Sparring (practice), and Kumite (competition), to insure proficiency, and maintain a high level of safety. Differences in the training occur depending on the experience level, and desires or motivations of the student(s) ie. their ranks (Kyu or Dan ranks), their goals (Avoidance ie. bullying or muggings, lifestyle change ie. weight loss, competition or career ie. Corrections, Bouncer, Police), and physical prowess of

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Kung Fu lessons available

Learn real traditional Kung Fu from Grand Master Polselli Ba Gu Shu Grand Master (Eight Ancient Methods) Iron Palm Master Chen Style Tai Chi Master World Black Belt Member 45 years experience in Kung Fu 55 years martial arts experience Private Instruction Only Flexible appointments Flexible hourly rates Please call 561-310-5596 to discuss your personal training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes for kids? Currently we do not offer classes for kids under 12 years old.  Older children are welcome to take Ju-Jutsu and Judo classes with the adults. Do you offer women’s self defense classes? All of our classes are customized for the individuals in attendance. Out program is very approachable for people of all sizes, ages, genders, and abilities. There are occasional seminars for women’s self defense, but you will be comfortable in any of our classes.

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