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Kung Fu lessons available

Learn real traditional Kung Fu from Grand Master Polselli
Ba Gu Shu Grand Master (Eight Ancient Methods)
Iron Palm Master
Chen Style Tai Chi Master
World Black Belt Member
45 years experience in Kung Fu
55 years martial arts experience
Private Instruction Only
Flexible appointments
Flexible hourly rates
Please call 561-310-5596 to discuss your personal training

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Aikido Classes

Aikido classes are starting with Sensei James Polselli on Wednesdays, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes for kids?
Currently we do not offer classes for kids under 12 years old.  Older children are welcome to take Ju-Jutsu and Judo classes with the adults.

Do you offer women’s self defense classes?
All of our classes are customized for the individuals in attendance. Out program is very approachable for people of all sizes, ages, genders, and abilities. There are occasional seminars for women’s self defense, but you will be comfortable in any of our classes.

How often can I come to classes?
We currently offer classes five days per week, on weekday evenings. You are welcome to come to as many classes as you are able. If you need classes at a different time, please contact us and we will try to accomodate you.

Do you offer private lessons?
Private lessons are available upon request, but we encourage all students to participate in normal classes. We have a low student to instructor ratio, and you will learn faster by training with different people!

How long does it take to get a black belt?
That really depends on your attendance and commitment to classes. We do not sell an easy black belt at our dojo. A typical student who comes to class at least 3 times per week will reach black belt in approximately four years.

How much does it cost?
Classes start at $80 per month and are offered on a month-to-month basis only, with no contract. A 20% discount is available if you pay for 3 months at once. Additional discounts are available for full time students, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. We also run periodic specials, so please contact us!

How do I get started?
Come on in to watch a class or give it a try! We offer a free introductory week of classes.

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Head Instructor Shihan Wood

boo-throwHead Instructor
Shihan William Wood

Born and raised in New York City, Shihan William Wood began his Martial Arts training in Judo at his middle school, the United Nations International School (UNIS) under French Sensei Fleutaeu, where after winning a Judo competition in his youth weight division was awarded the rank of Yonkyu (4th Kyu or Green Belt) in Kodokan Judo in the early 1970’s.


A young Shihan Wood (left) with other students from the United Nations International School during a Judo demonstration at FAO Schwartz in New York City – 1975

Throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Shihan Wood trained at the Ken Zen Institute in NYC Under Japanese Osensei Eguchi and Sensei Ray Dunmeyer in Judo, and under Sensei Bill Black in Ju Jutsu. After moving to Florida in 1993, Shihan Wood began his training in Miyama Ryu Ju Jutsu, and continued his training in Judo under Shihan Louis Medina. Throughout the 1990’s, Shihan Wood returned to NYC periodically to continue his training in Judo at the Ken Zen Institute and at the Oishi Judo Club (downtown NYC), and his Ju Jutsu training at Miyama Ryu under Shinan Antonio Pereira in Tremont, Bronx before his passing in 1999.


Shihan Wood receives his Okuiri rank from Shinan Antonio Pereira at the Hombo dojo in Tremont, Bronx N.Y.C. – October 25, 1997groupnyc

Currently, Shihan Wood holds a Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) certificate in Kodokan Judo (USJA, USJI, and USJF), and a Ku-Kaiden (“Everything Passed” – 9th Degree Black Belt) certificate in San Yama Bushi Ryu Ju Jutsu. Shihan Wood also teaches Police Tactics to qualified Law enforcement, Homeland Security, and Military personnel.


Shihan Bill receives his Kaiden rank from Shinan Hector Negron at the San Yama Bushi Ryu dojo in New Rochelle, N.Y. – October 26, 2013

Shihan Wood currently trains and co-instructs at the San Yama Bushi Ryu Hombu Dojo in New Rochelle, N.Y. under the supervision of the founder, Shinan Hector Negron. Shihan Wood now also teaches at his dojo in Boca Raton, FL., and plans to continue his Martial training and teaching until his departure from this existence.

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About San Yama Bushi Ryu


Shinan Hector Negron

The San Yama Bushi Ryu and San Yama Bushi School of Judo and Ju-Jutsu was formally introduced in 1985 by Shihan Hector Negron. Shihan Negron began his martial arts training in Puerto Rico at the age of 12, studying Kempo Karate. In 1971, at the age of 19, he moved from Puerto Rico to the Bronx, New York.

After visiting a number of schools, he encountered Shinan Antonio Pereira and the Tremont School of Judo and Ju-Jutsu. There he began studying Judo and Ju-Jutsu under the tutelage of Shinan Pereira, while also continuing to train in Karate.

After diligent and dedicated study, he obtained his black belt in Ju-Jutsu and began teaching at the school, soon after becoming head Ju-Jutsu instructor. Soon after, he earned his black belt in Judo and became an active judo competitor. In 1981 he obtained the rank of Kaiden, and became Head Instructor of the Ryu (equivalent to 9th/10th Dan) in Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu.

In 1986, Shihan Negron parted from the hombu dojo in the Bronx and founded his own dojo in Mt. Vernon, New York where he began teaching a more expansive version of the combat Ju-Jutsu he learned and taught in the Bronx. He named this new Ryu, San Yama Bushi, meaning “Three Mountain Warrior.” As founder of this new Ryu, the Board of Directors unanimously bestowed upon Shihan Negron the title of Shinan, meaning “Founder.” By 1999, Shinan Negron’s following became such that the need for a new dojo was clearly at hand. Shinan Negron moved his dojo to New Rochelle, New York where members of the Ryu now train in a 6,000 square foot dojo.

Today, Shinan Negron continues to train individuals from every walk of life, from active police officers whose duties place them in peril, to college students looking to maintain physical and mental edge over those they may encounter in hostile situations.

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